About Us


DC DOORS & WINDOWS, Elevating Brevard County since 2005.

DC Windows & Doors stands as the ultimate symbol of excellence in door and window installation. Our team of experienced and creative professionals has completely transformed the art of craftsmanship, leaving behind a trail of awe-inspiring homes. More than just door and window installers, we curate dreams and turn them into reality.

From small-scale projects to grand designs, we have the unique ability to reshape living spaces, ensuring your home shines distinctively among its neighbors. Our secret? Decades of unwavering commitment to quality, seamlessly blending security with stylish, impact-rated products that provide both peace of mind and aesthetic appeal.

Going beyond the conventional offerings of a window and door company, DC Windows & Doors sets the new standard. Our consultations breathe life into your ideas, making sure that your preferences are meticulously incorporated into each concept we craft. Join the ranks of satisfied homeowners who’ve crowned us as the premier window and door installers in Brevard County.

Since 2005, we’ve been redefining living spaces – and your home could be our next masterpiece. Choose DC Windows & Doors today for innovation that transforms, enduring quality that lasts, and a home that radiates envy-inducing elegance.